Our services.

2M Lighting & Controls offers the following services to meet the needs of our industry partners and project teams. From small remodels to multi-building campuses to industrial process and manufacturing facilities, we stand ready to help with any lighting and lighting control services that may be required.

Product Demonstrations & Seminars
Product Demonstrations & Seminars

Knowledge is power.

Our team of product and solution experts are ready to help arm your team with the product and code education needed to succeed.

Design and Specification Support
Design & Specification Support

Not enough hours in the day.

Demanding deadlines require partnership with specialists that can provide thorough, accurate design proposals in a timely manner.

Lighting Level Analysis
Energy Consumption Comparisons

How much light is enough?

From stunning architectural features to general illumination and life safety egress lighting, we use the latest modeling and photometric tools to ensure your installations have the right light levels where you need them most.

Applications Recommendations

Solutions that are the perfect fit.

LED lighting and lighting control solutions are constantly changing and new solutions and systems present themselves often. Let us help you find the best fit solution for your application.

Payback Analysis
Payback Analysis

Sometimes budgets are tight.

Let our knowledgeable staff help identify opportunities to sharpen the pencil and meet the price point you need to make the project a reality.

Mockups & Fixture Samples

Seeing is believing.

Sometimes it’s necessary to see things in person and we are ready to assist with any samples or functional mockups that you may need

Project Quotations
Project Quotations

Pipeline support.

We understand that accurate quotes, thorough plan review, and clear communication are critical to ensure you receive the information you need to win projects.

Project Management
Project Management

Just the beginning.

With true partners, winning the job is just the beginning. Clear and effective communication throughout the project timeline is the foundation of our approach.

Market Sectors.

The South Texas market is home to many diverse industries and sectors that contribute to the economy and business culture in which we live. This variety and depth allows South Texas to thrive and allows our region to stand out from the rest of the country in many ways. Each market sector has its own unique expectations, challenges and needs. Our team lives and works in this region and have the experiences that can help ensure success on all metrics.

Data Centers
Data Centers

Reliable. Robust. Secure.

2M understands the mission-critical nature of data center operations, which continue to see major growth in this region.

Military and Federal
Military / Federal

Supporting readiness.

Military and Federal projects have unique requirements ranging from proper sourcing of material to strict adherence to plans and specs.


Illuminating our future.

Being home to some of the largest school districts in Texas means nonstop school construction with hard deadlines and strict budgets.


Comfort, care and recovery.

Lighting has been proven to play a pivotal role in patient well-being and recovery time.

Sports Lighting
Sports Lighting

Never miss the action.

Ephesus Lighting meets lighting requirements from professional stadiums to public and municipal venues.

Commercial Office Space

Quality work environments.

Proper lighting enhances productivity, improves mood, invites collaboration, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for employees.


Influence the experience.

Create a proper and welcoming environment to enhance guest experience through lighting.

Industrial and Warehouse
Industrial / Warehouse

Safety and reliability.

Lighting plays a crucial role and directly impacts the efficiency, safety, logistics and overall functionality of industrial spaces.